We work for a sustainable development, in terms of social and environmental impact, building better companies that positively affect the territory in which they operate. We believe in teamwork, talent cooperation and in the ethical and moral construction of universally valid values. We build real, solid relationships with all the persons who have and will collaborate with us.

People are the basis of every successful project that aims at common and shared growth.



An increasing number of technologies is having a significant impact on the way companies compete in global markets and will progressively have it in the future also due to Covid-19. The latest studies carried out by the World Economic Forum highlight how Italian companies are among the first in Europe in terms of growth potential through digital transformation and among the last for investments in this field.


Kyip Capital has realized numerous successful projects in this field and has a vast network of experts to support management teams to help them transform their businesses. This strategy will result in faster and higher growth, greater efficiency, greater sustainability, and a stronger competitive position



Considering the main characteristics of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy, we have identified five main areas of digital transformation:

Product and process improvement: where Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality can play key roles 

Technology applied to the product: development of new products and services by integrating new technologies into the same offer 

Supply chain: control of costs and service through new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain 

New sales channels: support for the development of all digital channels, such as e-commerce and new social media

Infrastructure and backend processes: informatization of all administrative processes with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies

In each of these areas we have identified the best technology experts who together with us will help the portfolio companies in this transformation path